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KMBC 9: Pediatric surgeon on mission to help prevent lawn mowing-related injuries

Doctor says highest number of injuries involved 4-year-olds

By Kelly Eckerman

A pediatric surgeon at Children's Mercy is on a mission to change things after seeing seven lawn mower accidents in one summer.

Chester Clark, 8, is back visiting the hospital, where he spent a lot of time after a lawn mower accident three years ago. Chester lost his leg above the knee.

"The last thing I remember is my grandpa was the person who accidentally ran me over," Chester said.

"He looked, but Chester was short enough that when you turn around you can't see that far down. So he never saw Chester," said Chester's mother, Lisa Mycanka.

"Any of these are always very distressing to me, and his injury was very severe, just about life-threatening," said Dr. Dale Jarka.


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