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KMBC 9: Sisters use small change from birthday to make a big difference at Children's Mercy

Celine & Ceanna with piggy bank

It was a big idea for some very little girls and it all started with a piggy bank. 

Three-year-old Ceanna and Five-year-old Celine asked their birthday party guests to skip the gifts this year and instead bring some small change to the party - change to benefit Children's Mercy.

"We had them sign the piggy bank - and put money in the piggy bank," said Celine.

The girls are very young to learn this lesson of giving. But, they say they wanted to help the babies.

The girls and their friends raised just over $118, and hand-delivered the money.

"When we brought the money down to the hospital I think it really set in what they had done," said mom Cali Oberlechner.

"They were excited to pick what they used the money toward, and they picked sugar bears."

Sugar bears are soft toys placed with babies in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Children's Mercy launched a piggy bank program called "Small Change - Big Difference" encouraging young people to remember children who are in the hospital.

"When I see these little girls and all the other kids come in with their piggy banks and these big smiles and they say this is for the kids, I think that's exactly what we intended," said Jenea Oliver, Vice President of Philanthropy at Children's Mercy.

"They're opening up their hearts to all of these kids in the hospital and it opens up the hearts of the kids in the hospital, too."


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