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10:45 AM

KMBC-TV: Baby Hazel celebrating first birthday, and a healthy heart at Children's Mercy


A young girl name Hazel just turned a year old, but she's celebrating more than a birthday. She's celebrating a healthy heart.

Leigh Anna Moffet was 24 weeks pregnant with Hazel when she learned her daughter had two heart defects. From that moment on, a team of specialists at Children's Mercy started preparing for Hazel's arrival. Leigh Anna gave birth at Children's Mercy, so Hazel's lifesaving treatment could begin immediately, preparing the newborn for heart surgery.

On Tuesday, Hazel had an echocardiogram and it's evidence the surgery was a success. Dr. Amy Lay, Cardiologist at Children's Mercy, said the team was able to close the hole between the bottom chambers of the heart and fix the aorta, which is the main blood supply to the body.

Hazel will need follow up visits the rest of her life, but doctors say it's likely she won't need any other procedures.


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