Kansas City,
09:00 AM

KSHB 41: Local mothers still struggle to find baby formula amid ongoing shortage

By JuYeon Kim

The nationwide baby formula shortage is still ongoing, and it continues to be a source of stress for many families in the Kansas City metro.

Many are scrambling to find alternatives in feeding their infants the necessary nutrients.

Urgent care pediatrician Dr. Thuylinh Pham says this shortage is especially difficult because one size fits all does not apply to baby formula.

“Everything is so specialized. Some babies can’t tolerate certain types of formula, and some babies need special nutrition, especially our premature babies and babies with complex medical problems,” Pham said.

The first thing Pham advises parents to do is check what type of formula their child is on and see if there are any store brands or alternative brands they can move to.

Second, parents should consult their child’s pediatrician as there is newer guidance on what to do if there are simply no other alternatives available for their kid.


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