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KSN: Health Matters With Children's Mercy, Stress Test

By Jillian Carroll

One part of the comprehensive care that is provided by Children’s Mercy are the stress tests administered for children. Although some of Children’s Mercy’s heart team is located in Wichita and nearby outreach sites, some treatment is received via telemedicine or when team members like Jessica Hall, Pediatric Exercise Physiologist, come in from Kansas City to see patients. Jessica comes to Wichita monthly to see patients that are in need of an understanding of their heart health. One way to determine that is a stress test. The goal of these tests is to learn whether the child’s body is healthy enough to exercise and to also learn if the child is safe to be active at home. It is important to know what’s happening while children are exercising or participating in any active behavior. During the test the child’s heart rhythm, blood pressure and oxygen levels will be monitored. The child will begin by walking on a treadmill and eventually be challenged by an increase of either incline or speed and intensity to raise or lower their heart rate. In each visit, Jessica can see about 11 patients and administer tests and provide an understanding of the child’s heart health.


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