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Medical Health News: Cinacalcet Appears Safe, Effective for Children With SHPT

In a small study, more than half of pediatric patients receiving cinacalcet experienced a 30% or greater decline in mean intact parathyroid hormone.

Cinacalcet is approved in Europe for treatment of secondary hyperparathyroidism (SHPT) in children aged 3 years and older on dialysis, but not in the United States. Now results from a new study suggest cinacalcet may meet “an unmet medical need for this population,” according to researchers.

“These data suggest that cinacalcet may meet an unmet medical need for the pediatric dialysis population,” Dr Warady's team concluded. “Due to the premature discontinuation of the trial, uncertainties remain regarding the long-term effects of cinacalcet on growth and development in the pediatric population, and close supervision and monitoring for hypocalcemia and its secondary effects is warranted.”


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