Kansas City,
12:19 PM

New campaign showcases what sets Children's Mercy apart from all the rest

Nobody cares for kids and families like Children’s Mercy. And Children's Mercy is shouting it from the rooftops in a new campaign that features its very own employees, including rock star nurses who deliver healing to kids, fuel hope for parents and inspire awe in all of us.

The campaign – “For children. For families. For answers.” – highlights what no other health care system in the region can provide: 750-plus pediatric specialists, more than 3,000 nationally recognized nurses and 4,500 other colleagues focused solely on transforming children’s lives. The campaign, and tagline, more clearly and directly addresses what makes the hospital different through messaging that targets both families and referring physicians in the region.

Click this link to get a sneak peek at the new “It’s Our Nurses” TV spot that is now running in Kansas City and Wichita. And be sure and catch a glimpse below of a few of the new billboards already popping up across the metro. Additional TV, radio and digital and social media spots will hit the airwaves over the coming months, highlighting Children's Mercy's unmatched expertise in emergency care, sports medicine and innovation. All will feature patients and employees.

The campaign’s first flight of ads will run through December. The second flight is scheduled to run from January through May.

Taking the next step The new campaign builds upon Children's Mercy’s popular “Transforming Outcomes” campaign, which launched in 2013 and featured the hospital as a place of transformation, where children receive care that helps them overcome illness and return to their normal lives. The transformations were conveyed via TV, radio, print, billboards and social media ads, and in 2014 began featuring real Children's Mercy patients as the stars.


As Children's Mercy continued to improve value and meet the expectations of kids, families and referring physicians, it sought to leverage what differentiates us from all others in in the market – expertise, experience and a nearly 120-year history of serving every child within the community, regardless of the family’s ability to pay.

“Our Transform campaign successfully built a foundation for our brand, sharing our patients’ stories and their great outcomes,” said Melissa Novak, Director of Communications and Marketing. “But how did they get to those outcomes? What happens in the arrow from Chemo > Cowboy? That’s what makes us different. Our campaign goal is to communicate to parents ‘the why’ they should come to Children’s Mercy.”

Fired up! Click here to see an awesome video of our employees sharing their enthusiasm for the new “For children. For families. For answers.” campaign. In the comments section below, tell us what you like best about the new campaign and share what you think sets Children’s Mercy apart from all the rest!


Learn more about the campaign at childrensmercy.org/getanswers.