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15:42 PM

Redefined Mom: 10 Things To Do When Your Kids Get The Flu

With colder temperatures brings amazing things like snow, slow cooker soups, the Super Bowl, sweaters and the flu.

Stupid flu…it always has to wreck a good thing.

This winter, 20 percent of the American population will get the flu. So, if you are a family of five…that means one person in your household is “going to get it” and hopefully NOT SPREAD it to the rest of the family.

(Which is why I have an arsenal of old school Lysol Spray and have been known to use it like perfume around the house – but I digress.)

But if you are like me, when the flu hits, you go into Mama Bear Mode and do EVERYTHING in your power to get your kiddo feeling better fast. (Because NO ONE has time for a sick kiddo or husband – and let’s be honest, sick duty usually falls on the mamas.)

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Children's Mercy has pulled together resources to help the community stay healthy throughout flu season. Click here for answers to frequently asked questions about the flu, helpful tips, and locations where you can get the flu shot.