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Sabrina returns to her medical home

An example of Patient-Centered Care

When 16-year-old Sabrina Hogan became seriously ill while she and her mother were in the process of moving out of state, she came back home to Kansas, and to her medical home at Children's Mercy West, The Cordell Meeks Jr. Clinic.

Sabrina's story illustrates how CM West functions as a medical home, providing patient-centered care for about 8,000 children and adolescents in the Kansas City, Kan., area.

Sabrina and her mother were locating to another state last September when Sabrina became unresponsive and went into a diabetic coma. She suffered a brain injury after being resuscitated and put on a breathing tube in an Intensive Care Unit at another hospital.

Sabrina's mother, Ada Ward, brought Sabrina back to Kansas City and to CM West, where Sabrina has been a patient since she was a baby.

"When Sabrina returned to Kansas City she had signs of weakness and verbal defects," said Amy Belton, RN, MSN, MBA, CPN, Nursing Program Coordinator at CM West. "It was almost like looking in her eyes, but as if no one was there."

Sabrina's CM West team immediately went into action, coordinating her care with the rehabilitation facility where she initially was placed after returning to the area. A conference was conducted organize the services she needed, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech, home-bound schooling, transportation and others.

"During her time in rehab we were in communication with that staff to monitor Sabrina's care and progress," Amy said. "In December she was discharged from rehab and returned to school."

Before her illness, Sabrina was a successful, active student. The goal of the CM West team is to help her return to a high level of achievement and ultimately graduate on time with her class. She has received care and education about her diabetes from our Endocrine department; her CM West team works with the school counselor to make sure her academic needs are met; and when she comes to CM West for her care, she sees the same physician, Lorraine Brewer, DO, Medical Director of Children's Mercy West, and the same members of her care team. This provides consistency for both the patient and the staff.

"The main concern for Sabrina is getting her diabetes under control," Amy said. "Being a Medical Home has allowed us access to resources, time and services that we would have not otherwise had available to us and/or our patients and families. This particular patient and family would have fallen off the radar and fallen through the cracks; it would have been a disaster for her recovery. We really worried that she may not have had any chance for a return to normal function. Instead, we have been able to provide continued outreach and services to her; help guide her through this incredibly difficult, emotional and stressful time; and get her back to a stable and functioning place in her life where she can continue to move forward as happy and healthy teenager."

"Dr. Brewer has been great, and the staff has been on top anything Sabrina has needed," said Ms. Ward. "They have always made me feel as if Sabrina was their top priority. They follow up, make sure things are set up right and answer all my questions. It's a great place."

Soft-spoken Sabrina said simply, "I really like coming here."

CM West recently observed the first anniversary of its designation as a Level 3 Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) facility by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). Level 3 is the highest recognition for a medical group, and CM West is the only PCMH site in Kansas dedicated to pediatric patients.

CM West provides patient-centered care for about 8,000 children and adolescents in the Kansas City, Kan., area. Approximately 40 percent of the families served are Spanish-speaking. In addition to being primary care providers, being a PCMH allows the clinic to focus on three clinically important conditions: asthma; weight management; and preventive care.


Sabrina returns to her medical home

Mequell Saulsberry, Lab Technician I, (left in blue) and Sharon Haggard, Lab Tech, (center, in red) draw patient Sabrina Hogan's blood for lab work during Sabrina's recent check-up at Children's Mercy West.


Sabrina returns to Children's Mercy West

Cindy Limke, Social Worker at Children's Mercy West, provided critical assistance to Sabrina Hogan (center) and Sabrina's mother, Ada Ward (right), on issues such as housing and transportation when Sabrina became seriously ill.