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Some car seats test positive for potentially harmful chemicals

Child safety seats are crucial for protecting kids if you get into an accident, but a recent study found popular brands tested positive for toxic chemicals and even a carcinogen.

“By law, all car seats have to have flame retardants in them to meet these standards,” explains Dr. Jennifer Lowry, Chief Toxicologist at Children’s Mercy. 

According to Lowry, the particles can also wind up on the child’s skin and since toddlers and babies often put their hands in their mouths, the chemicals can be ingested.

Dr. Lowry is part of a group in the medical community that believes the flame retardants do too little to save lives in an emergency to constitute exposing children to the chemicals.

“If there’s no benefit or very little benefit, then why would we increase the risk for harm?” asks Lowry. “Honestly, we don’t need these so why don’t we take them out?”

Lowry is concerned about the longterm effects of these flame retardants. Some medical studies concluded long term exposure to the chemicals could lead to problems with neurodevelopment, motor skills and a person’s thyroid.

She also wants to make sure parents know riding in the car without a car seat is not an option.

“Safety comes first. We know the benefits of car seats way outweigh the risks from the flame retardants,” says Dr. Lowry.

Lowry wants parents to reach out to lawmakers to change the rules ordering all car seats be made with flame retardant.

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