Kansas City,
16:41 PM

The Opioid-Pain Nexus: Current Opioid Use and Safety

Although there has been less emphasis on responsible prescribing of opioids in children, with newly developed legal and regulatory efforts focused almost exclusively on adults, it remains important for pediatric providers to be aware of the heightened risk for substance misuse in adolescents, and the appropriate use of opioids in a pediatric population.

"We have to be careful and not develop a stance of anti-opioid or pro-opioid, but rather pro-patient. This is about our patient and how we treat our patient. What are the proper indications for these medications that are very potent and very strong, and what's the right amount to give somebody after dental work, surgery or after a broken femur." Dr. Daniel Millspaugh, anesthesiologist and Director of the Comprehensive Pain Management and Opioid Stewardship programs.

Dr. Daniel Millspaugh discusses the current opioid-related public health emergency, as well as the evolving regulatory and agency response, and appropriate actions by medical providers in the podcast "The Opiod-Pain Nexus: Current Opioid Use and Safety."