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Top 10 New Year's Resolution Ideas for Parents

Happy New Year! It's important to reflect on the past year and remind ourselves of our good parenting successes and the ways we have acted in the best interests of our children.

We are often too quick to be critical of ourselves and forget all the wonderful nurturing we have done. As you reflect on all of your parenting moments, you might think about setting some parenting resolutions for the upcoming year. It's important that you set realistic New Year's resolutions and keep track, because while we all have the best of intentions, traditional resolutions are often forgotten or viewed as too challenging by as early as mid-January.

For some inspiration and New Year's resolution ideas, here are some examples of parenting resolutions, which we hope you will find realistic and doable as a guide throughout the new year.

10 New Year's Resolutions for Parents:

  • Say "Yes" More. Try saying "yes" more to spending quality family time and doing things together.
  • Say "No" More. When it comes to I want, I need, everyone has it, and everyone does it, learn how to say "no."
  • Worry Less. Keeping kids safe should be a priority, but don't let your worries about all the large and small highly sensationalized harm that exists out there drive your life. The overwhelming odds are with you. Instead, find ways to make your kid's world safer and let them actively explore what's around them.
  • Listen More; Talk at Less. Ask "What do you think? What are you feeling? Tell me about it. What would you do?"
  • Negotiate Less; Explain More. Our kids deserve to know the thinking behind our decisions and expectations, but should not be equal partners at the bargaining table. We are the parents.
  • Read a Little More. It's not only a good way to spend time together, but reading to your child, with your child, and in front of your child will also help them grow as readers. Grab your books, magazines, newspapers, notes, and visit our Growing Readers website for inspiration.
  • Write a Little More. Get in the habit of writing notes of encouragement, love, recognition, responsibility, and daily appreciation of life.
  • Expect a Little More. In the new year, expect more from your children, like good behavior, responsibility, manners, kindness, and all of the goodness that lies within your kids.
  • Expect a Little Less. Be okay with a little less constant scheduling and enrichment filled days. Slow down, you move too fast. Children need a lot of slow to grow. Create a daily schedule for your kids, as well as yourself, that is more balanced and realistic.
  • Connect More. Take steps to maintain friendships, and stay connected with family, the community, those less fortunate, and the natural world.

Happy new year to you and your family!

Source: Bright Horizons Family Solutions