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WIBW: Lyndon Elementary held a march for a student getting transplant

By Reina Flores

Kaden Meiers is just 7-years-old and has gone without fully functioning kidneys since birth.

Now, he needs a kidney to stay alive---doctors found a match, in his dad.

“They usually start with the parents and family first to test and we tested and everything passed on me and so everything was clear and we did the crossmatch and it was good so I decided to do it for him,” said Kaden’s dad, Wayland Meiers.

To protect his health, Kaden stayed home from school and away from his friends this year.

But with his transplant days away, his classmates wanted to wish him well--

Friends and family made signs and marched around the school to show Kaden, he is still part of their tiger’s family.


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