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Writing the Book Blog: Inside the History of Children’s Mercy

Writing the Book Blog

Writing the Book Blog is just that ... a blog about writing The Book. In this case, the book is a history of Children's Mercy - Kansas City. Children’s Mercy is almost 120 years old and the last time a history was published was in 1961. There’s a lot of history to cover. There’s a lot of researching and writing to do. When its published, in June 2017, it will be about a 200-page coffee table book with lots of pictures and amazing stories of adversity and triumph, of compassion and determination, of research and discovery, or science and medicine, of community and love. The blog will discuss the writing process; will ask questions; will tell stories that may or may not end up in the book; and will chronicle the author's work, his mood and his creative (we hope) process.

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