Kansas City,
07:40 AM

An Important Letter to Our Children's Mercy Family

Dear Children’s Mercy Family,

Recently, George Floyd was killed while in custody – and under the knee – of a Minneapolis police officer. This is the most recent tragic example of ongoing racism and racial injustice in our country. Our hearts go out to our nation and our Children’s Mercy family as we collectively mourn the senseless loss of life due to all forms of violence.

As providers of healthcare for children, we recognize the profound and long-term impact racism has on the health and well-being of children, families and communities. Racism exacerbates health disparities in our communities. We also recognize the impact that racism has on our black employees many of whom are repeatedly traumatized by witnessing and experiencing acts of racist violence. We recognize that you often fear for yourselves, your families and those you love. We acknowledge the psychological and physical toll this takes on you.

The impact of racism is wide-reaching, systemic and complex. As we serve the children and families of Kansas City, our community looks to us for leadership and direction. At Children’s Mercy, we are committed to the fundamental principles of equity, non-discrimination and anti-racism. We encourage all members of the Children’s Mercy family to promote dialogue and peaceful ways to stand against racism and hate in all its forms.

We also ask that you recognize the overwhelming and disproportionate psychological toll these events continue to have on our black patients and families, staff and faculty. We ask that you practice compassion and empathy to all people experiencing trauma in the aftermath of these tragedies. We also encourage those experiencing trauma to practice self-care by connecting with family, friends, and other community support people.

Let us stand in unity to eradicate racism in our community and in our nation. Only when we do so will we realize our Vision to create a world of well-being for all children.



Paul Kempinski, MS, FACHE, President and CEO