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Back-to-School Safety Tips

Pedestrian accidents are on the rise as more drivers become distracted by smartphones. The most common reason children are hit by cars is because kids will dart into the street without looking and drivers simply don’t see them or they can’t stop in time.

Parents often think children are able to cross the street by themselves before they are ready, but really kids don't have the necessary skills until at least age 10. Younger kids often run across the street without looking both ways. If you think a child is safe to cross the street, BE WARY, children forget safety lessons during moments of fun and excitement.

Here are some other tips, especially as kids head back to school.

  • Walk the child’s route to school and make sure there’s a sidewalk the entire way.
  • Make sure the sidewalk is in good condition. Children tend to walk or ride bikes in the road if the sidewalk is bumpy and they’re worried about falling.
  • Children should always use the crosswalk if there is one.
  • Make sure children take five giant steps away from the road while waiting for the school bus and avoid rough play.
  • Teach children to ask the bus driver for help if something is dropped near the bus. If a child tries to pick up the item the driver may not see him or her and the child could be hit by the bus.
  • Teach children not to assume a driver sees them when they’re getting ready to cross the street. (Drivers should also keep in mind kids are often distracted and shouldn’t assume that a child see them either.)
  • Kids should look both ways before crossing the street even when a crossing guard is present.


Learn more about safety tips from the Center for Childhood Safety at Children’s Mercy.