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12:47 PM

CBS News: The superpowers of Paul Rudd

At 49 actor Paul Rudd might not seem like the superhero type. As the comic book hero Ant-Man, he doesn't really have any superpowers; the magic suit does all the work.

For his part Rudd is valiant, and vulnerable. It's a combination that's made him a star. From action films to rom-coms, Rudd has quietly become one of the biggest names in Hollywood: the drinking buddy with a certain sex appeal.

In the space of a decade, he went from a TV guest star to movie star.

In real life he married to his college sweetheart Julie: they have two children, Jack and Darby. But his story has some darker moments, too.

Paul Rudd was especially close to his dad, who died of cancer in 2009. "It just knocked my world off its axis."

Dad might be especially proud of this: Rudd is co-founder of The Big Slick, an annual weekend of fundraising to benefit Children's Mercy Kansas City.

The whole Rudd family gets into the act: Paul's sister, Mandi, helps run the show; nephew Henry is the bat boy. Paul's mom, Gloria, told Smith the event means a lot of really hard work, "but it's a labor of love."

"We truly do pinch ourselves and get chills when we get to talk about it, [and] actually get to be a part of this, for all of us," said Mandi.