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#CMHmoms: Rehabbing our sleep routines

Summer is winding down (and for many, school is already back in session), and that means getting back on schedule. While our summer schedule didn't change much, since both of my kids are not yet in grade school, summer still brings extra light, extra things to do and more fun, thus causing later than usual nights (Olympics are also not helping! Kids have loved watching them.). And we've been paying for it each and every mornings during the week! The kids are conveniently way too tired to get going on the weekdays (causing lots of nagging and running late), but up and at 'em on the weekends just fine (why does this always happen that way?!?!).

Did you know that 3 to 5 year olds need 11 to 13 hours of sleep a day?! 

(learn more about good sleep habits for your kids here.) 

Children's Mercy's Dr. Rochelle Harris in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics provides tips for getting back into a routine for best sleep: "Getting back in a good sleep routine is huge, but kids can’t reset the night before school starts. The recommendation is at least a week out from the school year, begin getting up at the appropriate time and also begin a night time sleep schedule. Good sleep hygiene should be practiced. That means turning off ALL electronics 45 minutes to an hour before sleep. Phones, tablets, and televisions produce light that keeps the brain from producing melatonin which helps everyone fall to sleep naturally." You can find more sleep tips for your kids here.

If you feel like your child might have more serious sleep issues, Children's Mercy has a Sleep Lab, which you can learn more about and preview here. And for other helpful parenting content, make sure to visit ChildrensMercy.org/Moms, and follow Children’s Mercy on Facebookand Twitter for more everyday parenting tips.


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