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David Westbrook featured on Larry's Heroes on KMBC

D. H. Westbrook Clinic Dedication

David Westbrook lost his sight as a youngster. Despite the challenge, he finished college at the top of his class, became a successful business owner, a well-known communications consultant, and in recent years, a top executive at Children's Mercy. 

"I think my blindness has taught me and given me far more than it's taken from me. One of the things it's caused me to identify are certain talents that have to do with the way I can communicate with people, sense what people need and want, what their concerns are," said David Westbrook, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Innovation. 

David has received countless awards for helping others and for his community service.

In November, Children's Mercy established the David Westbrook Ophthalmology Clinic. 

"I met a 17-year-old girl the other day who's a patient in our clinic and the ophthalmology program. Like me, she has juvenile glaucoma. Unlike me, beams of light have replaced blades of steel and have given that young person an opportunity to see for the rest of her life," said David Westbrook.

Hospital leaders praise David's enthusiasm and optimism. 

"I really believe we're never given a challenge that exceeds the talent we've been given to deal with that challenge.  In my life, that's been the case. Blindness, which many people would think was a burden, to me, has become an asset," Westbrook said. 

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