Kansas City,
10:47 AM

Family finds comfort through Children's Mercy mentor programs

“Can I meet someone who has my same disease?” This was the second question Victoria asked when she was told her diagnosis of a rare autoimmune disease. Thanks to the Parents Offering Parent Support (POPS) and the Patients Encouraging and Engaging Peer Support (PEEPS) mentoring programs at Children’s Mercy, the answer was YES, you can!

POPS and PEEPS mentors are trained Children’s Mercy volunteers who share similar experiences and provide peer support, encouragement, resource information and tips for coping to families facing a new diagnosis or ongoing medical condition.

Some of the most thoughtful and challenging questions parents and patients face when presented with a diagnosis are those that the doctors cannot answer. Although mentors are not qualified to give medical advice, being able to communicate with someone who has walked a similar path makes our patients and families feel comforted and less alone.

The POPS and PEEPS mentors helped to reassure that life does go on. Six months post diagnosis, Victoria's family continues to communicate via phone, email and text messages with our POPS and PEEPS mentors. The invaluable resources and genuine sources of compassion, strength and support have provided hope and security for this family during a very challenging time.


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