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Fox 4: Aspiring artists partner with Children’s Mercy to simplify complex medical information

By Abby Eden 

Art sometimes imitates life and now art may help to save a life. An unlikely partnership is making it possible between Kansas City artists and doctors.

There's art created at the Kansas City Art Institute that will never hang in a museum or in a frame. Instead, it will be in the hands of children.

It’s more meaningful to Shafer Brown than some his most beautiful work.

“Knowing that your work can positively impact people, not in some sort of abstract way, but in a very direct, real way,” said Brown.

Brown creates medical research illustrations for Children's Mercy. They look like quick sketches, but they were some of the most difficult pieces he’s ever done.

Dr. Susan Abdel Rahman worked on the illustrated translations with art institute students after researchers found it was sometimes difficult to communicate with patients.

“Started doing research in populations where literacy was compromised, there was limited English proficiency, or they had no written language sometimes in the studies we`ve done,” said Dr. Abdel Rahman. Creating the illustrations can take several months. 


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