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Fox 4: Children's Mercy weighs in as kids begin getting vaccines ahead of Thanksgiving

COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

By Jacob Kittilstad

The conversation about kids and the COVID-19 vaccine might be a big topic at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

The tenor of that conversation might vary family-to-family. But new statistics show that already 10% of eligible kids age 5-11 have gotten their first dose.

Demand for the vaccine remains high at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City.

One thing to remember here is that of the kids who have gotten their first dose, none of them have gotten their second yet. Another reminder is they will not be considered to have their protective immunity until two weeks after their second shots.

“Risk tolerance’ for families planning Thanksgiving get-togethers might be the main strategy headed into the holiday,” explained Dr. Angela Myers, head of the Infections Diseases Division at Children’s Mercy.

“One of the things to consider is, are the rest of the family members who are planning to gather together for thanksgiving vaccinated. That’s one of the key things to helping keeping people safe is that the adults are also vaccinated,” Myers said.


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