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Fox 4: Metro high school football practices begin with heightened health precautions

By Harold Kuntz

High school football teams began practice this week for the upcoming fall 2020 season, but things are looking pretty different for coaches and athletes this summer.

“You just got to stress to these kids, if you do not feel right, you can not come to workouts,” Jon Holmes, coach of Bishop Miege, said. “For a kid that’s been sitting at home for 13 weeks, that’s hard for that kid to do.”

Lincoln Prep Coach William Lowe has Children’s Mercy trainer Mary Helfer screening kids before training begins. She asks questions like, “Have you been exposed to someone with COVID in the past 14 days?” and “Have you had or been exposed to someone with a temperature over 100?” Also, she asks if players experienced any different symptoms, like coughing, shortness of breath, chills, headaches and sore throat among others.

But it’s more than just asking about symptoms. Many schools, like Lincoln Prep, are taking temperatures of everyone at the start of each practice.


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