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Fox 4: The dangers of drinking energy drinks in the heat

It's a talk that Shelly Summar with Children's Mercy Hospital knows well.

"I'd really like to see coaches having these conversations, trainers having these conversations," Summar said. "That they understand these aren't things we want our kids to drink."

She said the conversation should begin with the question what is your go-to drink? If the answer is an energy drink, she said it's time to make your child break up with it.

Water is very important when the temperature and humidity outside soars. Summar said it's critical for your young athletes.

"Athletes are at high risk of over consuming in particular when you get into the beginning of seasons," Summar said. "Football season is right around the corner. You're playing outside in hot, humid environments, often having multiple practices in a day."

Summar said trainers will be watching your children when they're at practice. You need to encourage them to drink water at home.

If anyone you know has those symptoms after being outside in the heat, get to a cool place. If the symptoms continue, go to the hospital immediately.


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