01:30 AM

Get a Jump Start on Reading for Children Ages 4-6

The Children's Mercy Hearing and Speech Department is offering a research based pre-reading program called "Rhyming to Reading."

Rhyming to Reading teaches children early reading skills such as rhyming, sentence awareness, the sounds letters make and how to sound out words. Children are taught through the use of their senses of sight, hearing and touch to increase learning. The program is play-based and involves movement which makes it fun to learn how to read. Parents have the opportunity to watch the classes and learn how to do pre-reading activities at home.

Small group classes run for 6-9 weeks and are held once a week for an hour. Rhyming to Reading is for children who are at least 4 years of age and have not entered first grade. The program consists of two levels and your child will be pre-tested to determine which level is appropriate.

Classes are offered at Children's Mercy Hearing and Speech College Boulevard Clinic and at Children's Mercy North. The classes will start in September, call now for a prescreen slot. There is a fee for your child to participate in the pre-test, the program and the post-test.

Space is limited. Please contact Stephanie Taylor 816-234-3677 or sptaylor@cmh.edu for information about cost and available class times.