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Good Day Kansas: Back to School Tips

By Jillian Carroll

It’s back to school time so we wanted to share some ways to stay healthy. Who better than RN, BSN, CPN – Cardiology Pediatric Nurse at Children’s Mercy Wichita and mother of two, Mallory Ruyle, to keep us in the know about different ways to beat any back to school germs your kiddos might be bringing home!

Right away, Mallory mentioned the importance of nutrition. Balanced meals are very helpful in keeping a child’s immune system healthy. And of course, she touched on the most important meal of the day: breakfast. Mallory recommends adding fruits and protein to keep your children engaged all day.

Another essential piece of back to school health is getting enough sleep. Mallory suggested keeping children on a schedule including a nonnegotiable bedtime. The structure of a routine will help ensure your children are getting enough sleep and can attack each day refreshed and ready to go.

Schools and classrooms are typically pretty good about wiping down surfaces but it’s important to speak to your children about hand hygiene. Remember to wash hands after recess or being outdoors, and of course, before eating. Another tip she provided was the use of sanitizer, correctly; instruct your little ones to actually rub it in and that also means not squirting too much into their hands.

Lastly, Mallory highlighted water intake as an important part of health in general. For kids, the team at Children’s Mercy Wichita recommends 60 ounces at the least, but encourages more for preteens. Classrooms will often allow students to carry a water bottle. If they do, your child should.

Also, parents, remember to take care of yourself so you can ensure the health of the family.


For more info on back to school health, visit Children's Mercy Wichita 

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