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Healthy Kansas City: Discover the Joy of Giving

By Ann Butenas

For the past 123 years, Children's Mercy has been extraordinarily advanced through the continued and overwhelming generosity of the community. From the early days when its founding sisters wrote the needs of the hospital on a chalkboard outside its front doors and community members responded to those requests by leaving donated goods on the lawn as needed, Children's Mercy still graciously relies upon the giving hearts of the city and surrounding areas that support it.

Voted as one of America's Best Children's Hospitals by U.S. News and World Report, and continually ranking in the top 10 in pediatric specialties annually, Children's Mercy operates 14 locations across Kansas and throughout Western Missouri.

Through philanthropy, Children's Mercy is able to provide the latest medical treatments, recruit the best healthcare professionals, improve the physical state of the hospital, and engage in further research, which is a huge component of its mission. That research is what allows for more answers and the opportunity to try one more thing in the hopes of achieving favorable outcomes.

"We are only able to provide the expert level of care we give because of philanthropy," expressed Jenea Oliver, Senior Vice President of Philanthropy at Children's Mercy. "Even though the hospital does have reimbursements to maintain financial integrity, about 50% of families who come to us are on Medicaid. As such, reimbursements are lower. Families also have needs in addition to health care, such as medicine and transportation to get to their appointments. The health of the child will only improve when they are able to maintain treatment as directed by the doctor."

"We are blessed to have such an amazing hospital in Kansas City and accessible in the region," continued Oliver. "Our donors - Friends of Children's Mercy - give to make sure the care that is needed and required for kids is always available. You may not need it today, and we hope you never do, but if a time comes when a child you know needs specialized medical care for trauma or disease, philanthropy helps ensure Children's Mercy has the most expert and innovative care available for you."

No matter the size of your donation, each dollar has a purpose: training a new nurse; supporting continued or new research; purchasing new equipment; or simply providing a young patient with a cuddly blanket. Each dollar provides support when patients and their families need it most.

Donations to the hospital are thus critical at this time more than ever.


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