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Helping our children deal with the tragedy in Boston, Mass.

Children's Mercy recommendations for parents helping their children deal with Boston Marathon bombing

The events that took place at the Boston Marathon have stunned us all. First and foremost, our hearts and prayers pour out to the marathon participants, volunteers and families in the Boston community. 

All of the things that we, as adults, are feeling are also being communicated to our children. Children can interpret and respond to tragedies like this one very differently, some with anxiety and questions, others with little interest. It's important that all of us parents discuss this issue and answer our children's questions in the most age-appropriate way.

Responding to Disaster

Our responsibility as parents, teachers and caregivers is to:

  • Recognize that every child is an individual.
  • Reassure children of their own safety and security.
  • Help children play and talk through their feelings and understandings.
  • Limit their exposure to horrific images by reducing exposure to the media.
  • Help children participate in global events in ways that are meaningful to them.
    Source: Bright Horizons Family Solutions
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