Kansas City,
13:43 PM

In Kansas City: By The Numbers, Children’s Mercy Hospital

By Michael Mackie

For well over a century, Children’s Mercy has been at the forefront of children’s medicine. Not only are they renowned for helping wee-ones feel better, their history has history. To honor all the amazing things they do throughout the community, we figured there is no better outlet for our mindless “By The Numbers” query. 

Year Children’s Mercy was founded: 1897—by 2 sisters, Dr. Alice Berry Graham and Dr. Katharine Berry Richardson.

Year current Children’s Mercy Hospital opened: 1970. Fun fact: the campaign was chaired by former President Harry Truman and Hallmark founder Joyce C. Hall.

Percentage of donations under $100: 90%—yes, every dollar matters.

Largest donation to CM: $150 million. In January two of Kansas City’s iconic families, the Hall Family Foundation and the Sunderland Foundation joined together to kickstart the construction of the future home of the Children’s Research Institute.

Electric bill for CM in July: $480,000

How many doctors are on staff at the various CM locations: 750.

How many employees work in the CM network: 8,219 employees

Number of companion dogs on staff: 2—Hunter and Hope, who provide comfort, motivation and smiles to our patients and families.


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