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In Kansas City: Five Things You Don’t Know About Me, Scribe the Artist

By Michael Mackie

The artist Scribe, as he’s known around the metro, is a colorful character who creates giant murals of, well, colorful characters. You’ve probably spotted some of his distinctively playful cartoon creations sprinkled around town. Since 2003, he’s been designing a kaleidoscope of color for Children’s Mercy Hospital as their artist-in-residence. You can spy more than 150 of his kid-friendly works throughout the hospital. And that doesn’t include his art on CMH’s planes, helicopters, and ambulances. We asked the artist to come up with five things we might not know about him.

5. When I was a kid and living in Israel in the early ’80s, my grandma would mail these care packages of American food and sometimes she’d include Garfield comic books by Jim Davis.

4. There are four big influences on my artwork for facial expressions. I have four squishy faced, snoring, farting dogs named Tater, Bacon, Fudge, and Cake.

3. I played saxophone for most of my life and was at a crossroads about if I was going to pursue being a musician or an artist.

2. If you have noticed the larger body of work I do, then you might notice I draw a rhino character (named Rumpus) a lot. It’s actually the way I draw myself and tell my story.

1. People comment a lot on my artwork and the color saturation I use. I owe that to a very non-traditional source—graffiti lettering.


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