Kansas City,
10:29 AM

Influenza: Test or Treat?

According to the CDC, between 9.3 million and 49 million people get sick from the flu each year, and vaccination is the best prevention. Influenza activity often peaks between December and February, but the flu season can last as late as May. 

Both the flu and a cold can cause similar respiratory symptoms, but usually those with the flu will also have a fever, chills and a cough. Children may also have a sore throat, runny nose or muscle aches.

"Typically, you don’t have stomach issues with diarrhea or vomiting. It’s really just overall feeling cruddy and it’s quite contagious." Dr. Jennifer Goldman, Infectious Diseases specialist.

Dr. Goldman discusses why early diagnosis and early treatment is key in the podcast "Influenza: Test or Treat?"


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