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Jennifer Hartline: In Memory of Noah Wilson

As I approached to meet Noah's mom and dad for the first time, I was struck by the palpable grace they both wore like an invisible robe. Both of them, despite the horrible weight of grief etched into their faces, were absolutely beaming with pride.

Written by: Jennifer Hartline

I never had the blessing of meeting Noah Wilson in person, or even his parents until that night. But he'd been close in my heart for over a year, in my family's prayers, as he fought a battle with cancer. I got to know Noah through the posts on his "Team Noah" Facebook page, where his family kept everyone updated on his progress, through all the ups and downs.

Noah loved baseball, especially the Kansas City Royals. He loved superheroes, Legos, Ninja Turtles, and making the silliest faces for everybody. When he began his chemo, and blood tests and needles became a frequent, regular part of his life, he decided those boring brown Band-Aids the hospital used just weren't gonna cut it anymore. He thought the kids at Children's Mercy needed something more fun, to at least put a happy end on a painful experience. Just a little smile.

But there was nothing little about Noah's heart. His idea for fun Band-Aids became Noah's Bandage Project, and soon people all over were buying boxes of fun, colorful, kid-friendly Band-Aids and sending them to Noah. Even his favorite baseball team has gotten in on the act.

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