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KAKE: Did a common drug play a role in a teen's death?

by Taylor Adams

Zei Uwadia was a bright and healthy teenage girl, until the day she went to the doctor for a urinary tract infection.

"A 10 day regimen, antibiotic by mouth," says Kerschen.

The antibiotic doctors prescribed worked, but new problems emerged. Her mom, a nurse herself, knew her daughter was in trouble, so she took her to Ascension Via Christi in Wichita.

"They said we can't find a reason for what's happening, but we spoke with a Pulmonologist at Children's Mercy, and we need to get you there...We left, and we flew," she says.

Doctor Jenna Miller, a Pediatric Physician, was waiting for Zei when she landed at Children's Mercy in Kansas City.

"We did a very extensive infectious workup to try to figure out if there was something we could identify and then treat, and we never found anything," says Miller.

Days, weeks, and even months passed. Zei's life support so extensive, national media picked up the story, catching the eye of Dr. Martin Taylor of Harvard University.


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