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Kansas City Star: KCQ gets to know the animal on those Children’s Mercy Hospital signs

By James Wooldridge

Drive past Children’s Mercy Hospital and you’ll be greeted by some unusual road signs.

It’s some sort of animal helping to direct drivers to the hospital entrance amid construction on the new Children’s Research Institute, scheduled to be completed by 2020.

“It’s just a big goofy bear,” said Children’s Mercy in-house artist Donald Ross. “I picture him as like a walking 3-D employee of the hospital that’s helping people.”

The bear is a resurrection of the Mercy Bear, a mascot the hospital hasn’t used in a long time.

Ross, an artist who goes by the name Scribe, was tempted to make the signs kids’ size, but he decided to make them larger for readability.

“I like it when it’s like larger than life,” he said. “It feels like the cartoons are invading the real world.”

“The bears are just kind of part of a larger cast of characters that make the kids feel safe and secure about being here at Children’s,” he said.


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