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Kansas City Star: ‘Real big deal for Kansas City,’ Sneak peek inside Children’s Mercy research tower

By Lisa Gutierrez

Children’s Mercy’s gleaming new Research Institute on Hospital Hill won’t open until early 2021, but the hospital offered a sneak peek this week at what its executive director called “a real big deal for Kansas City.”

Bringing in a large research component takes Children’s Mercy to another level,” said Dr. Tom Curran, the institute’s chief scientific officer.

“It also ensures that the discoveries made here that benefit our children will also be spread across the world and benefit children everywhere. One child treated and cured at Children’s Mercy will amplify a thousandfold across the world.

“The research that is conducted in this building is what we call translational research. We translate a scientific idea or discovery into new medicines, treatments and diagnostics for children.”

The flagship initiative is the Genomic Answers for Kids program, housed in “state-of-the-art facilities to do what we call single-cell genomics and apply this to children’s disease,” Curran said. “We are one of the first organizations, indeed anywhere in the world, to be doing this.”


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