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KC Business Journal: New KCI terminal will help companies recruiting talent make a better first impression of KC

KCI terminal opening

By Mary King

First impressions are everything.

When Paul Kempinski was being recruited to become the next CEO of Children’s Mercy in 2018, his first thoughts upon landing at Kansas City International Airport weren’t the most positive, he said. Once immersed into the city, and into Children’s Mercy, the community became much more intriguing.

The new terminal, opening on Feb. 28, will change that initial impression for people considering working in Kansas City, Kempinski said.

“Now, somebody like me coming into Kansas City for the first time will think: ‘Wow, this is a great start. Let’s see what the rest of the city has to offer,’” he said. “It’s not only having a new, fresh airport. It’s not only going to be fresh and clean, but it’s going to be sophisticated, accessible, convenient and efficient.”

Children’s Mercy is one of just 30 independent children’s health systems in the country and one of about 225 children’s hospitals. It recruits and attracts employees nationwide to maintain its world-class clinical stature and treat the most complex patients. Kids and their families also come from throughout the nation — and world — to receive treatment.

Attracting top-tier talent to the middle of the country requires extra special effort, Kempinski said.

“That means rolling out the red carpet to our amazing city,” he said. “I’ve described it as the greatest story never told. It’s big enough to be sophisticated, small enough to be collaborative and manageable, with great resources and amenities, arts, culture, sports and a food scene. But very honestly, what it’s been lacking is a world-class airport.”


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