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KCTV 5: Children’s Mercy adds new unit for highly vulnerable preemies

By Abigael James

Children’s Mercy Hospital is taking strides to care for the smallest premature babies.

They have added a new unit specially designed for the most vulnerable preemies who require the most critical care to not only to survive, but ensure their quality of life into adolescence and adulthood.

It’s called the "Small Baby Unit” and it’s equipped with a specialized team trained to handle the issues such babies face.

Born at just over 24 weeks, twins Arlo and Ackley Parker came into this world each weighing barely over a pound.

Dr. Adebayo Oshodi works in The Small Baby Unit at Children’s Mercy. The Parkers credit the new unit as the reason their once very vulnerable babies are now doing well.

“Now, it’s been several weeks since their birth and they have peeled away little by little of all of the support that they’ve needed,” Oshodi said. “It’s been a great thing just watching them grow.”

“The group of people that make up the team in The Small Baby Unit are a more multidisciplinary group,” Oshodi said.

Today, the Parker twins have graduated out of The Small Baby Unit and are in the regular NICU.

Though they are still several months from being able to go home for the first time, their parents said they are confident the twins are getting what they need to be healthy.

Over the last five years, Children’s Mercy has admitted an average of about two of these preemies a month. While that’s a small percentage of NICU patients, they stay hospitalized the longest and require the most intense care.


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