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KCTV 5: Local woman steps up to sew face masks for Children’s Mercy Hospital

By Amy Anderson & Maggie Holmes

Face masks are in high demand right now and a local woman is stepping in to help turn out some special masks for a special group of people.

“Normally we have a huge garbage bag that is stuffed with them,” Mary Kanatzar with Children’s Mercy Hospital said.

Kanatzar has worked at Children’s Mercy in the operating room for decades and says they easily go through 60 to 100 surgery sheets each day that are used to sterilize instruments in the operating room. When they’re finished they toss them, until now.

“So it was really exciting they came up with the idea,” Kanatzar said.

“She sent out an email to all of her sewing friends, ‘I need help!” Of course,” Janet Ogden who is sewing masks for Children’s Mercy said laughing.

“What little this helps we’re hoping it makes a difference,” Ogden said

And there’s no doubt for the doctors, nurses and families at Children’s Mercy, it is.

“It feels very rewarding,” Ogden said.


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