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KCTV 5: Why girls enter puberty earlier than ever, and the problems it creates

By Gina Bullard

Let’s face it, talking about puberty can be awkward.

Jess Lynn McClellan is changing that. She started Giving Hope & Help.

Along with giving out free period products to women all over the world, she also speaks with young girls about their periods.

McClellan notices that ”girls are starting their cycles very early today.”

Julie Strickland of Children’s Mercy Hospital says girls are going through puberty earlier than ever before.

Everyone is different, but Strickland says girls are starting to develop as early as 7 and 8 years old. That’s about a year shift over the past 25 years.

"It’s always a challenge when a girl develops early," Strickland says, and it concerns her.

“Girls who have their period earlier have increased risks of different types of cancer particularly breast cancer and higher levels of anxiety, depression and adolescent disorders” Strickland said.

So what can you do? Strickland says do your research and make sure your kids are eating clean foods and using natural products.

Also, if your kids start to show signs of early puberty contact your healthcare provider.


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