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KMBC 9: Baby Boom! 36 Nurses, Mothers Sticking Together in Pandemic

By Cody Holyoke


It was a baby boom to remember.

At one point in 2019, three dozen critical care nurses from Children's Mercy Hospital's NICU were either pregnant or had just given birth to their babies. Their story made international headlines.

Now, nearly two years later, they're all raising toddlers.Stacia Frazier's son, Estes, is now 1 1/2 years old."Despite being in quarantine half of his life, he does have a huge personality,” she said.

The pandemic has affected these nurses and their families in more ways than one.

Work in the neonatal intensive care unit meant more time apart.

"A lot of us were in the same boat as far as not seeing family and friends in this pandemic,” Frazier said.

Still, the group stayed strong and stuck together--offering support for one another at every turn.


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