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KMBC 9: Even the littlest patients at Children's Mercy didn't go without costumes or treats this year

NICU Halloween 2018
​By Keleigh Gibbs

Even the smallest ghosts and goblins in Kansas City got to celebrate Halloween on Wednesday.

Doctors, nurses and hospital staff at Children’s Mercy made sure no young ones went without treats.

“We just treat it as a blessing that God has given us, and we are grateful for it and we just enjoy the time that we have with her,” said father Brandon West.

This Halloween, even the tiniest hands and feet got the same chance to celebrate. 

“It has just kind of been a blessing, it just kind of takes your mind away from being in the hospital,” he said.

Each child got a brand-new costume, a bucket of candy and professional photos. All were locally donated.

Some of the mermaid’s neighbors were superheroes, like Batman.

Little Batman’s mother said this celebration at the hospital brings her family incredible joy. 

“Last year on Halloween we weren’t able to hold him,” said mother Karen Hurtado.

A non-profit called Project Sweet Peas donated costumes for the celebration. All NICU families were able to keep the designs they chose for their child.


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