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KMBC 9: Fear of needles? Doctors have tools to help patients cope

Children's Mercy vaccine clinic

By Bianca Beltrán

Doctors at Children's Mercy say fear of needles keeps many people from getting shots.

A pediatric psychologist talks about the tools they are using to help patients receive COVID-19 vaccines and other immunizations.

For little ones afraid of needles, Children's Mercy has a plan called the "comfort promise." The first step is offering something to numb the skin before a shot, a topical cream or a cold spray.

"It does sort of chill that top layer of skin and provide some distraction," said Dr. Amanda Deacy, a pediatric psychologist.

The hospital has that, and a tool called a shot blocker on hand for vaccinations.

"If you put it on the arm and this shot is administered in this opening here, you basically put this in between the pain and the brain and these spikes in the back disrupt signaling to the brain that occurs and provides distraction neurally to mitigate the pain response," Deacy said.


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