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KMBC 9 honors physician who changed children's lives

Dr. Brad Warady, for 35 years, working his craft at Children's Mercy. He has made it possible for hundreds of sick children to get off dialysis with a kidney transplant. 

"Being able to everyday wake up and know that you're making the lives of kids and their families better, that is a responsibility, but it's a great opportunity. It's a gift to be able to have that chance," says Dr. Warady. 

Dr. Warady founded a camp dialysis and transplant kids can go to and have fun. Medical equipment, doctors and nurses go on location with them.

"I had this idea about a camp for kids on dialysis, and thankfully, the Dream Factory came forward and said, 'Let's make this dream happen.' Now we've had 30 years of camp and hundreds of kids have been able to attend the camp that they might not otherwise been able to," says Dr. Warady. 

Dr. Brad Warady takes his work in stride. He's just been named to the prestigious National Kidney Foundation Board. He fully knows the satisfaction of helping children.

"Seeing these young kids with kidney disease grow from young infants on dialysis to grown children with kidney transplants, and I've even had the opportunity to go to weddings of these same patients," says Dr. Warady.

Dr. Brad Warady, a Kansas City hometown hero.

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