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KMBC 9: KC child psychologist gives advice on talking about tough topics, like Ukraine, with your kids

By Kelly Eckerman

As we see reports on what's happening in Ukraine, our children are seeing it too. Even very young children can sense the intensity of what's happening around them.

A child psychologist in Kansas City talked with KMBC about what questions to expect and how to address them.

War is a complex topic to discuss with a child. They may not grasp much of what led to the situation in Ukraine. However, they likely will see the tragic images or sense the distress as people talk about it.

Dr. Christina Low Kapalu says the worst thing you can do is shrug off their concerns.

"Dismissing a child's fear is probably the biggest error I hear over and over and over again. It's fine; you don't have to worry about it. But the kids still have that fear and that worry, and you've just conveyed it to them. It is not okay for them to express that to you. So, you can reassure them. Absolutely. But you do that after you have acknowledged their fear. And validated it," Kapalu said.


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