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13:51 PM

KMBC 9: Lee's Summit teen hospitalized, waiting for new heart

By Kelly Eckerman

Lauren Case, 14, has been in the hospital for two months now waiting for a new heart.

Lauren said she is trying to focus on the positive.

The teen has lived most of her life with a heart rhythm problem. It never slowed her down. She's an accomplished violinist and singer. She said that if she was not in the hospital now waiting for a new heart, she would be at the pool with friends.“It’s just nerve-wracking because I don’t know when it’s going to happen,” Lauren said.

“It’s hard for families. It’s hard for relationships. It's hard financially for them to continue to pay the bills at home while they're trying to have a life here at the hospital, too,” Children’s Mercy Hospital’s Sarah Bowmaker said.


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