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KMBC 9: New therapy dog making rounds at Children's Mercy

Milly & Memphis

By Kelly Eckerman

Children's Mercy just added a special member to its health care team. You can't miss her. She has four legs and fur and she practices a special kind of medicine. Milly is the newest therapy dog now on duty.

She won't be wearing a stethoscope, but Milly, a 2-year-old golden retriever will be making rounds checking in on young patients at Children's Mercy. 

She has wasted no time working her medical magic. Milly is a specially-trained therapy dog and knows just what to do.

Milly joins Hunter whose been with the facility dog program for six years. Along with the smiles, the hospital said the dogs can help patients emotionally and physically.

"There are sometimes people in rooms that are really stressful and bringing a dog in is something so unique that humans can't do," said Aimee Hoflander, Children's Mercy facility dog program coordinator. "Their blood pressure may decrease or their respirations may lower that can show signs of pain control or lower stress."

While Milly and Hunter are there for the patients, they seem to have an impact on everyone.

"Seeing the dog walk through the hallway when you're not expecting it, you know, people kind of squeal and get excited and just are immediately happy," Hoflander said.


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