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KMBC 9: School program ensures staff and students know how to respond to cardiac arrest

Project Adam

By Alan Shope

There's a local program ensuring school staff members and some students know how to respond to cardiac arrest.

The program is called Project Adam.

School nurse Crissy Kuhlmann can see just about anything on a given school day, a lost tooth being her favorite.

She says that's about it on most days. But that's also why she wanted her school to participate in the nationwide Project Adam Initiative.

It's a program that supplies schools with new and advanced automated external defibrillators.

The AEDs come with complete CPR training for staff and students.

Project Adam

"Knowing how to do CPR and knowing how to use an AED are essential," Pediatric physician at Children’s Mercy Dr. Lindsey Malloy-Walton said.

Project Adam is in more than 4,000 schools nationwide and growing. To date, it's credited with saving more than 200 lives.

"We really want to get ahead of it before an athlete or a student drops in a school setting," Malloy-Walton said.


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Project Adam

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