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KMBC 9: Teen hopes to walk across graduation stage

by Alan Shope

The COVID-19 crisis brought a number of things to a screeching halt, but for one high school senior, the time off is helping him achieve a life goal.

"I have cerebral palsy," said Danny Oakes, 18.

Oakes said a life of walking with crutches is not his life.

He said a long time ago he made a decision. He took up wrestling. There were challenges.

"This is what I can do independently. This is what I'm struggling with," Oakes said.

He set another goal.

"After I walked across the gymnasium at my school without crutches, I was, like, let me take this a step further and walk across the graduation stage," Oakes said.

That was a tight deadline. Graduation was scheduled for May 8, then the pandemic moved it to July 31, giving Oakes more time.

"He's been determined to prove himself," said Dr. Mark Fisher, of the Adaptive Sports Medicine Program at Children's Mercy.


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