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KMBC 9: Teen's mysterious illness after kidney transplant caused by tick bite

By Kelly Eckerman

After a year and a half on a waiting list, Gage Schneider, 17, learned he would get a donor kidney. The transplant was performed at Children's Mercy Hospital three weeks ago, and it was a success.

"We were so excited. We were over the moon," Gage Schneider's mom, Michelle Schneider said.

But just days after coming home, everything changed. Gage Schneider was running a high fever and his blood counts were dropping. Doctors' first concern was that Gage Schneider was rejecting his new kidney. A biopsy ruled that out. As the teen's health deteriorated, a team of specialists at Children's Mercy moved fast trying to figure it out.

"It was something we call ehrlichia chaffeensis. It's a bacteria that comes from ticks that often live in Missouri," Dr. Dwight Yin said.

Gage Schneider lives in a wooded area and was somehow bitten by a tick, possibly when he was outside with his dogs after the transplant.

"He's going to have a full recovery and do great things," Michelle Schneider said.

Doctors at Children's Mercy Hospital are submitting the case to the medical journals to help alert other doctors.


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