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KMBC 9: Woman has lovingly made more than 1,500 special masks for Children's Mercy

By Donna Pitman

Chris Huff is a retired nurse, mother of four, grandmother and quilter who is going through her fabric fast. But, she isn’t cutting quilt squares. Instead, she’s busy making masks for kids at Children’s Mercy Hospital.

"I’ve used up all the Chiefs fabric," she said. "That’s long gone. But, I got this baseball fabric now.”

Huff is one of many who answered the call a year ago, when all patients began being required to wear masks. However, kids’ masks were hard to find. In spring of 2020, any mask was hard to find.

Gregg Rosenboom is the In-Kind Gifts Coordinator at Children’s Mercy. He said volunteers filled the need immediately and continue to today.

"For a lot of these kids it's scary coming to the hospital or they don't necessarily understand why they have to wear it," he said. "But when you have a princess or superhero mask it's a lot easier to keep that on and want to wear it around the hospital."


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